Your Stress. Our Solutions.

Your life is too important to allow the stresses of the job to weigh you down.

Allow Home Office to lighten the load. We offer Virtual Office Solutions for professional partners just like you that remove the stresses associated with inbound calls and Executive Assistant tasks. This allows you to focus your energy and efforts on sustaining and growing your business while entrusting us with your call care.

Stress-relief Remedies:


  • Give your business the professional feel you've always desired. Home Office will configure and implement a Toll-Free or local inbound call number for your business at a fraction of the cost of most major phone carriers.

virtual assistant

  • Your clients call you and get us. Home Office will operate as your personal receptionist for your business. We'll work closely with you to understand how you want your inbound calls to be received and handled. Just think no more receptionist sick or vacation days, no employee benefits, or HR nightmares (...and we're cheap comparatively speaking!)


  • Maybe you just need a break! Or something has come up. Allow Home Office to be your lifeline. Why should your business suffer because you decide to make LIFE your first priority. Lean on us for your emergency, vacation, or a "I-just-need-a-day-off"situations. It's as-needed. Just forward your phone to one of our Temp Assist numbers and we'll cover for you while you're at the spa or on the golf course (um, we mean..."sick"). Available in 1/2 or full days.

Auto Assist

  • It could be that you just need a Toll-Free number (or local number) and need a computer to handle all your calls. We gotcha! We're not offended. We can do that! Home Office will set you up with a call solution that can use an auto-attendant to answer the phone and route your calls using extensions and powerful call routing rules that we'll help you configure.

call routing

  • Receive and handle inbound calls based on custom rules specific for your business needs. Create departments, extensions, VIP or notification extensions....etc. You decide where the phone rings, how it's handled, if it's routed or forwarded...etc. (...Now that's POWER!)


  • Yeah, this may reduce stress, but this is one thing we CANNOT do for you. Try lighting a candle and humming to yourself.

virtual office (soon to come)

  • Tired of the commute? Already work from home and just need to get OUT? Try our:
      • Private Office space available by day, week or longer for regional interviews, training, or just to kick your feet up and pretend you're a bigshot.
      • Personal cubicles available by day, week or longer based on your needs.
      • Professional work space available on an 'as need' basis.

      ~All Virtual Assistant packages can include e-fax solutions and voicemail routing.~